Victim Of Boston Marathon Bombing Discusses The Tragedy And How She Plans To Recover

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Adrieanne Haslet-Davis, a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing who lost a foot in the tragedy and plans to get back to her normal routine as a professional ballroom dancer.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is the beautiful dance instructor who lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombings.  

Adrianne and her husband Adam were watching the marathon from the sidelines when the first bomb went off.  They spoke with INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent.  

Adrianne said, “If this is all I’ve lost, then I think I’m doing okay.“

Trent asked, “What do you remember?”

She said, “Seeing the first bomb go off and just being stunned, and then I was holding onto Adam and said, ‘Oh my God, there is never just one’ and right at that moment the next bomb went off.”  

The blast from the second bomb knocked Adrianne and her husband off their feet.  

She said, “We sat up, I tried to move my legs, and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I think there's something wrong with my foot.' We lifted up my leg and I started screaming.”  

Adrianne, a professional ballroom dance instructor, crawled to a well known restaurant named The Forum and started screaming.

She said, “I crawled on my elbows and went into The Forum, I think it is called, I could be wrong on that,  but I crawled in on my arms and was begging for help.”

Adam, an Air Force Captain who completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan, made a tourniquet out of his belt to stop the bleeding.  

They were rushed to Boston Medical Center where Adrianne prayed that surgeons could work a miracle. Sadly, doctors had no choice and amputated her left leg just below the knee.
She said, “I went into surgery thinking they would save it. I came out of surgery and they had to take it.”  

The world has been awed by the resilience being shown by the good citizens of Boston. The entire stadium at Fenway Park joined Neil Diamond in singing “Sweet Caroline.”

Adrianne is showing her own Boston strong spirit and vows to dance again.

Trent asked, "Have you had discussions as to how soon you can get a prosthetic and how soon you can get back on the dance floor?"

Adrianne said, "Right now, as far as where I am in my recovery, I just need to wait for my leg to start having the swelling going down, so I can be fitted for a prosthetic, and then I will be good to go."

As the city of Boston continued to heal, a moment of silence was held Monday at 2:50p.m., exactly a week to the day of the bombings.

The bells tolled for those lost, and the scores injured, among them, Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a woman of courage who surely will one day dance again.

For more information on Adrianne and how to help, please click here.