Bus Driver Assaults Passenger For Asking Too Many Questions

Did a bus driver really kick a passenger off his bus for asking too many questions? INSIDE EDITION speaks to the driver to see what he is saying now.

A shocking video of a municipal bus driver beating up his passenger has surfaced.

The brutal assault took place when the passenger asked the bus driver one too many questions.

The video, shot by a surveillance camera, showed the driver shoving the passenger and then punching him over and over again—17 times in total.

He was caught saying, "What did I say about the next question you asked me?" and "I said don't ask me any more questions!" in the tape.

It didn't stop there. The driver then grabbed the passenger by his collar and dragged him off the bus. The doors closed and the man was left by the side of the road.   

The bus driver, 43-year-old Troy Fischer, was charged with misdemeanor assault. He was also fired by the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Fischer was a former Marine, who said he is now undergoing treatment for psychological issues related to his military service.

He said, "Now everyone sees me as this horrible person, and for a minute, maybe I was. But it's just so not me. I'm not this brutal thug."

His lawyer, Sean Reagan, said, "He's 43 years old, he's a decorated veteran, he shouldn't be judged on a minute video clip."

The passenger was identified as 40-year-old Torrance Rose, who is said to be "recuperating from his injuries, both physical and emotional," according to his lawyer.