Lipstick Bounty Hunters Criticized for Recent Raid

Uproar over the Lipstick Bounty Hunters after they raided a woman's apartment in the middle of the night looking for a fugitive who does not live there. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A storm of controversy surrounds the three women known as the Lipstick Bounty Hunters. They raided a nurse's apartment looking for her ex-boyfriend at 1:30 in the morning.

But the nurse in the apartment shot video, and she said her footage proved that she and her seven-year-old daughter were treated disgracefully by the Lipstick Bounty Hunters.

"It was horrible. It was the worst night of my life having to see what my daughter had to go through what she had to see," the victim said.

The drama started as the three pink-clad women of Lipstick Bounty Hunters go looking for a man named Ricky who was wanted on a burglary warrant.

Pink shotgun at the ready, the bounty hunters shot a video as they tried to get into the apartment near Los Angeles.

But the woman inside, Shavonna Sutton, said she and the wanted fugitive broke up a year ago.

Sutton said, "I have no idea where he is at all. I have nothing to hide."

From Sutton's point of view, it was a terrifying scene. The door went flying in, then pandemonium erupted. In the video, you can hear the women in pink questioning Sutton's young daughter.

"Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!" the bounty hunters yelled.

"Ricky's not in here!" Sutton's daughter said.

"Where's Ricky?" the ladies asked.

Sutton's daughter replied, "He's not in here. I told you, he's not in here. I promise you!"

One of the women bounty hunters tried to reassure the little girl. "We're the good guys," she said.

Apparently, it didn't work. The young girl said, "They had shotguns and I thought they were going to kill us."

Sutton said she was pinned against a cabinet.

"He was telling me you're going to jail, your daughter's going to foster care," she said.

Sutton's video ended as police officers show up at the door and restore order. Shavonna's lawyer said the Lipstick Bounty Hunters broke the law.

"This is really clear cut. Even police officers could not kick in that door. They had no right to be in this house whatsoever,"

But the Lipstick Bounty Hunters, who are known for their sometimes violent arrests, told a different story.

"Bounty hunters, private citizens, have the right to force entry if they have reasonable belief that the felony fugitive is inside," Teresa Golt, a Lipstick Bounty Hunter, said.

Fellow bounty hunter Leonard Padilla said that the pink clad women did things by the book. "These young ladies know what their doing. They didn't do a thing wrong," he said.

Sutton said she is haunted by the incident. "All I can think about is what happened to my daughter," she said.