Madonna's Estranged Brother Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to Madonna's brother who we found homeless and living under a bridge.

Anthony Ciccone is Madonna's big brother and often starts his day with a swig of liquor. The world's biggest pop star has a brother who is down and out. He has trouble staying on his feet on the slippery streets.

Ciccone often sleeps underneath a leaking bridge in Traverse City, Michigan.

There's no dispute that he drinks a lot, his teeth need a lot of work, and he opens his first bottle of peppermint Schnapps before 11:00am.
When asked if he thinks he drinks to much, Ciccone replied, "My family does."

Earlier this week, Ciccone was arrested for public intoxication.

In the 911 call, a Traverse City citizen said, "There's a guy in the restroom that will not come out.  He's swearing at me and everything else, telling me he can stay in there if he chooses to."

Cops said the 56-year-old resisted arrest and needed nine stitches after a fight with a female officer. The police report said he was so drunk he blew .40 on the breathalizer—that's five times the legal limit.

Madonna wants nothing to do with him, and Ciccone said the feeling is mutual.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Ciccone, "When is the last time you guys talked?"

He said, "Oh, 20 years."

How did Ciccone end up in Traverse City, Michigan? His father owns a winery bearing the family name. His family said it's alcohol that was Ciccone's downfall.

Ciccone relies on the charity of churches for food and shelter. His backpack contains all of his worldly possessions. He has four books, and he carries tabasco sauce and a pepper grinder.

The other homeless people he has encountered kid him about being Madonna's brother.

"I get all this kind of crap cause my sister's really famous," he said.

Ciccone's family told us they've reached out many times to put him in rehab, but he's refused. Sadly, Ciccone has a dim view of his future without the love and support of his famous sister.

"Where do you see yourself next year?" Moret asked.

"I don't know if I see myself next year," Ciccone said.