Uproar Over Gwyneth Paltrow Being Named World's Most Beautiful Woman

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is getting major backlash after being named People magazine's most beautiful woman in the world. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

There is backlash over People magazine's choice of Gwyneth Paltrow as the world's most beautiful woman.
The New York Post said, "Is this pompous film star really the world's most beautiful woman?"

They called her an "insufferable elitist" and point out that she was just named "most hated celebrity" by Star magazine.

The audience reaction on The Talk was harsh too. They actually booed when the announcement was made.

Sharon Osbourne even suggested that Paltrow’s publicist was behind the title.

Osbourne said, “The most beautiful woman alive? No. She has a good publicist though.”

Fox News contributor Kennedy claims Paltrow only got the title because Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence turned it down.

Kennedy said, "I heard that J.Law, Jennifer Lawrence, actually turned down the title."

But the New York Daily News is coming to Paltrow’s defense and said, "Let the haters hate. You deserve the title of world's most beautiful woman."

The Los Angeles Times asked their readers to weigh in by posting the question, "Is Gwyneth really the world's most beautiful woman?"

80% flat out said “no” and just 20% said “yes.”

On Wednesday night, Paltrow thumbed her nose at the critics looking sexy in a revealing dress at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie Ironman 3.

The sides of the dress were see-through, showing off her long, super-toned legs.  
Controversy notwithstanding, we can all agree at age 40 she's still got it.