Real Life Mermaid Goes Swimming With Sharks

INSIDE EDITION goes under the sea with a fearless real life mermaid who glides through water and goes swimming with the sharks.

A fairytale has come true for one woman. She has become a real life mermaid that goes swimming with sharks.

She glides through the water and smiles ear to ear, fearless as ferocious looking reef sharks swarm around her.

Linden Wolbert dreamed of becoming a mermaid after growing up watching movies like Splash and The Little Mermaid.

Wolbert said, “I know every line to The Little Mermaid, every single line.”

Just like Daryl Hannah in Splash, when she's on dry land, Linden walks on two feet like the rest of us.

But when she puts on her mermaid tail she becomes a mythical sea creature. It was designed by a Hollywood special effects artist and custom made to fit her body like a glove.

Her tail was made by a designer friend. With thousands of hand sewn sequins and gems, it shimmers underwater like fish scales.

So how does she stay underwater for so long?

She said, “I can hold my breath for five minutes and that's not something you can do magically overnight. It takes a lot of training.”

During our shoot she brought along two divers and swam from one to the other taking breaths of air from their scuba tanks. The divers keep a safe distance from the sharks, but Linden is right at home under the sea.

She said, “When I’m diving with them, watching how their bodies move through the water, it is kind of amazing.”