Smart Cameras Are The Latest Tool Against The Fight On Terror

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the latest weapon against the war on terror — special cameras that can detect unattended bags and alert police.

There's growing outrage that the FBI waited three days to warn New York authorities that the Tsarnaev brothers planned to bomb Times Square.

The New York Daily News front page called the delay an "Insult" to the city.

New York Congressman Peter King said, "This should have been shared instantly. That should have been shared within the minute, not wait 72 hours."

King said denying the police key intelligence was indefensible.

He said, "There could have been somebody else out there, that could have carried out the attack with explosives."

A photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed him in Times Square a year ago with four friends. Two of his buddies were also Russian and were arrested last weekend on visa violations.

Dzhokhar visited New York City as recently as November and police are trying to retrace his movements. A bomb detonated anywhere new Times Square could have been devastating.

Fortunately, Times Square is armed with new "smart” cameras that can actually detect a bomb seconds after it has been planted.

Security expert Pat Brosnan offers a similar system for his clients and showed INSIDE EDITION how it works.

Brosnan said, “Here you can see an individual who is walking along and has a bag in his hand. Now, he's put the bag down. And he's walked away. The smart cameras have identified that there's an unattended bag at that location.”

The voice on the system began to scream, “Object left unattended! Object left unattended!”

A Boston cab driver who picked up the bombers the day before the attack is speaking out. Driver Jim Duggen said he almost drove away with their backpacks still in the trunk. Now, he thinks there may have been a bomb inside.

He said, "The most chilling thing is remembering picking up that backpack and how heavy it was and thinking to myself, 'Man, I could have had that bomb in my hands.'"