Jackson Trial Against AEG Gets Underway

The Jackson family lawsuit against concert promoter AEG begins, and legal experts are weighing in. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Michael Jackson's sister, Rebbie was holding hands with brother, Randy as they walked in to Los Angeles County Courthouse today. Jackson's mother, Katherine entered through an underground tunnel.

The Jackson family has two private security guards standing outside the courtroom door. As Jackson's mother, Katherine walked into the court, some fans in the hallway were in tears and shouted, "We love you" to which she responded, "We love you more."

Opening statements should be wrapped up withing a day, but the trial is slated to go for at least three months with billions of dollars potentially at stake.

The Jackson family is suing AEG Live, the promoters of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concert tour, blaming his death on the concert promoters.

Legal expert Royal Oakes told INSIDE EDITION, "Michael Jackson's family is going to say a corporation killed Michael, it was their greed. The corporation, on the other hand, is going to say Michael was a pill-popping doctor shopper who succumbed to drugs. They're going to trash his rep."

AEG is expected to argue that they are not responsible because Jackson personally hired Dr. Conrad Murray, not them.

Dr. Murray was convicted last year of wrongful death.

But Jackson's family says AEG Live should have vetted the doctor before agreeing to pay his $150,000 a-month salary.

The star-studded witness list is expected to include Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Prince, and Michael Jackson's ex-wives, Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe.

Jackson's two older children, Prince and Paris are also expected to take the stand.

Michael Jackson's former attorney Tom Mesereau told INSIDE EDITION, "The sympathy and the momentum is going to be with Katherine Jackson and Michael's three children."

Over the weekend, Paris was seen building a relationship with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe.

Debbie Rowe was seen coming out of a restaurant in Southern California along with Paris with her short haircut, wearing a camouflage jacket and Daisy Dukes. She climbed into the truck and sat next to her mother.