Human Ken Doll Goes Under The Knife For 113th Surgery

INSIDE EDITION was with Justin Jedlica, as he went under the knife for his 113th cosmetic procedure in his quest to look like the human Ken doll.

Justin Jedlica isn't just playing with dolls. He's actually holding up his idea of the perfect man—a Ken doll.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “I done the forehead, the nose, the lips, the chin, the cheeks, all to resemble Ken doll.

Jedlica has spent $150,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like the spitting image of Ken. But those muscles aren't real, they're actually silicone implants. Now, he's going under the knife yet again in his quest to become the human Ken doll.

He said, “Its taken a lifetime of surgeries to look like this.”

An astonishing 113 procedures to be exact, on the day of the latest surgery, he was accompanied by his mom, Tonya. His mother encourages his obsession.

She said, "I am excited for it, but I am a little nervous."

They arrive at the doctor’s office and meet with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Douglas Senderoff. The doctor doesn't know what to make of Jedlica’s affinity for Ken.

Dr. Senderoff said, “When I hear human Ken doll I thought, ‘What are we dealing with?’ I wouldn’t recommend all the operations, but he's happy.”

A total of six implants are brought to the O.R. Judlica got a hug from mom, then went off for his 113th procedure. The operation lasted seven hours. Six new implants are put in place.

We just have to wonder, what will Barbie think?

INSIDE EDITION introduced Jedlica to Valerie Lukyanova, who has a lifetime passion to look just like Barbie. She got surgically enhanced breast implants to make herself look like Barbie.

The human Ken doll now has ripped biceps and shoulders, another step closer to looking like his plastic idol.

While flexing he said, "Definitely more like Ken."