Camel Nearly Feasts On Child's Head

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the family of that now-viral video of a camel wrapping its mouth around their little daughter's head.

It was a hair-raising experience as a little girl feeding a camel nearly became the camel's meal.

In a video posted online, a camel wrapped his mouth around the little girl's head and luckily, decided not to bite down.

Tyler and Marcy Inzler wanted their two-year-old daughter Alea to have a memorable experience at a drive-thru zoo near Kansas City, and did they get it.

Tyler said, "I guess we ran out of food with the wrong camel!"

The camel chowed down on the food pellets they offered, then he nuzzled the little girl's face, and then, it happened he put his mouth on the little girls head.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander asked the family, “Were you frightened?”

Marcy said, "I kind of screamed a little bit, but we didn't want to startle Alea.”

The camel then pushed his head all the way into the car, until dad pushed him out.  And when dad hit the gas to get away, the camel ran right alongside the car.

The main thing is, the child was not hurt, in fact, she laughed the whole time.

Alexander asked, "There were no teeth marks, she is ok?"

Tyler said, "There were no teeth marks, the camel didn't bite down hard. Just a little slobber."

Marcy said, "All's well that ends well. It's definitely going to be a weekend to remember."