Some Pets Make Big Money For Their Owners

INSIDE EDITION reports on some pets that are making big money for their owners.

They are some of the biggest money making pets in the world.

Everyone knows about Boo. He's got 6.9 million likes on Facebook, a best selling book and a line of stuffed animals.

Now, Boo has a new job as the "pet liaison" for Virgin America Airlines.
Giving Boo a run for his money is Sammy the Pomeranian. Thanks to his super-cute website Sammy in the City, he's estimated to be worth half-a-million dollars.

And it's not just dogs raking it in. The "Grumpy Cat" has almost 10 million views on YouTube and has reportedly made close to $100,000 for being just being grumpy.

Then there is the slithery cat named Lil’ Bub who has made close to $60 grand, parlaying her YouTube fame into a movie Lil’ Bub and Friendz, which just won Best Feature Film at the TriBeca Film Festival.

So, you're probably wondering can your pet make you rich?
The owner of a little Yorkie sure hopes so. She's taught six-month-old Misa to play patty cake and now Misa has almost a quarter million views on YouTube.

Misa is barely bigger than a can of soup and now she has a new trick, pushing a miniature grocery cart.

Misa’s owner said, “We're trying to get her an agent right now.”

INSIDE EDITION was with Misa and her owner as they met with famed dog trainer Joel Norton of Hollywood Paws, a pet talent agency.

Norton trained Misa to hit her "marks" on a block, the first step in transitioning from YouTube to acting in films or commercials.

Norton said, “Its how we get dogs to stand next to products or actors or anything else.”

The agent says Msa could be making six figures in no time. So who knows, your pet might just bring home a lot of dough.