Former Partner of "Sesame Street" Actor Evicted From House

Scandal at Sesame Street as the actor who played Gordon left his partner of 40 years for a younger woman. He says he's done nothing wrong. INSIDE EDITION speaks to his ex who is now being evicted from her house.

Roscoe Orman is the beloved Sesame Street star known all over the world. After more than 30 years playing Gordon, Roscoe has come to embody the family values of the hugely successful program.

But one woman says Roscoe is anything but role model.

Sharon Orman said, "He walked out on me, he abandoned me."

Sharon was Roscoe's partner for almost 40 years. They have four children together. But at age 60, Sharon told INSIDE EDITION she's now destitute after Roscoe suddenly left her for a younger woman.

She said, "I don't have any heat. I don't have any water. It was disconnected."

In fact, Sharon says she's been evicted from the home in Montclair, New Jersey, that she and Roscoe rented.

INSIDE EDITION was with Sharon as she packed up a lifetime of memories on her very last day in the house.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked, “Why is it so hard to get over?”

“Too many years. Too much we shared together,” she said.

Sharon and Roscoe were together when he landed the Sesame Street role back in the '70s.

She says in court papers that because Roscoe became so successful, she "never attended college or pursued a career."

Trent asked, “Sesame Street paid well?”

She replied, “Yes, he made a very good living.”

Now, Sharon says she "... cannot afford life's basic necessities, including food, clothing, shelter and medical treatment."
Making Sharon’s pain even greater, she says for four decades, Roscoe wouldn't marry her, but he did marry the woman he left her for.

She said, “I wasn't good enough for you to marry me? But you got that little piece of paper for her?"

We tried to speak to Roscoe at the home where he and his new wife live.

INSIDE EDITION said, "She said you left her destitute. Do you have a comment?"

Roscoe replied, "That is not true."

Sharon emotionally said, "My soul is gone and I can't get it back now."