Face Transplant Patient Inspires Courage At Press Conference

Carmen Tarleton shared details of her recovery from a facial transplant folloiwng a vicious domestic violence attack that left her badly burned. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Carmen Tarleton is a face-transplant patient whose bravery will inspire you.

Her husband doused her with industrial-strength lye. She was horribly burned on her face and 80% of her body.

Now, she has a brand new face. She revealed her remarkable transformation at a news conference Wednesday to urge others with disfiguring injuries not to give up hope.

"I want others to know that they need not to give up on healing themselves," she said.

Carmen spoke at world renowned Brigham and Women's Hospital, where many victims of the Boston Marathon bombings were treated.

The TV show The Doctors has followed her struggle to rebuild her life. INSIDE EDITION spoke with co-host Dr. Travis Stork.

Dr. Stork said, "Her injuries were as grave as they get. She was unrecognizable"

An animation showed how surgeons at Brigham and Women's Hospital rebuilt the nerve structure and attached Carmen’s new face. A video was shot during the 15-hour transplant operation involving 30 surgeons just three months ago.

On The Doctors episode, airing Wednesday, the 44-year-old woman showed where her old skin ends and the new face begins.

"Everyone thinks of this as a cosmetic procedure, but for her it was a pain relieving procedure. 15 hours after this surgery, she told me she woke up and noticed the pain she had had was gone," said Dr. Stork.

At Wednesday’s news conference, the daughter of the donor gave Carmen a huge hug. The donor recently passed away.

"I get to see my mother, touch her skin," said the donor's daughter.

Reading from an iPad, Carmen also took a moment to remember the victims of the Boston bombings.

"I will be thinking of the people injured, sending them thoughts of healing and wellness," said Carmen.

Words of support from a victim of domestic violence to the victims of terrorism.