Household Products That Perform Double-Duty

Are you looking to save on your grocery bill? INSIDE EDITION shows you some unexpected uses for common household items.

Did you know toothpaste can do more than clean your teeth?

It can also work wonders on your bathroom sink. Drop some in the sink and rub it in. It will also make the chrome on the bathroom faucet shine.

And it's not just toothpaste, Sascha De Gersdorff, of Women's Health magazine, showed INSIDE EDITION the unusual things you can do with everyday items we all have in our homes.  

She said, “Toothpaste is naturally abrasive. Just like it removes the stains from your teeth, it's also going to remove stains on your sink, on your cell phone, and your jewelry.”

And there's more. Place a dab of toothpaste on your face and it will clear up your pimples.

Everyone loves Coca-Cola. Now, get this, Sascha says it can actually clean your toilet.

She said, “Nobody likes to clean their toilet, it's always a dirty job. To make it easier you can dump a can of Coke directly into the toilet then use that as a cleaner. Scrub it, flush it and you're all done.”

Clear nail polish will not only make your nails shine, it can also be used as a quick fix glue.

Sascha said, “A really cool use for clear nail polish is if you have some loose buttons on any of your clothing.  You can apply a tiny dab of clear nail polish to the back of your clothing, so that the button will stay put for a long time.”

Kids love to play with chalk, but did you know that it can also be used as an air freshener in your closet? Just hang a bundle of chalk in your closet, it acts as an absorbent and keeps odors away.

Want to keep annoying ants out of your home? Turns out, chalk is a remarkably effective insect repellant. Just draw a chalk line around your doors and window sills.  

She said, “Ants won't cross over a line of chalk. Scientists are not sure why. Maybe they don't like getting it stuck on their feet, but they won't go by it.”

Olive oil makes great salad dressing, But Ilana Wiles, of also uses olive oil to polish her shoes, and a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice can also polish wood furniture.  

Olive oil also doubles as a shaving cream. Warm it up in the microwave and it instantly becomes a natural hair conditioner.  

Garlic is a key ingredient in many dishes. But did you know it can cure athlete's foot and the common cold?

Sascha said, “Cut up some garlic, soak it in hot water for a while and drink down that liquid.  It may not taste the best, but it's really going to help relieve your symptoms and help you feel better faster.”

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