Soap Operas Find Success Online

Fans were outraged when long-running daytime soap operas were cancelled. But now, they're back online and more steamy than ever. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Two long years after being cancelled, One Life to Live and All My Children are back, and they've never been this edgy.

These legendary soaps are getting away with a lot more now that they're airing on the internet and don't have to worry about the standards of broadcast television.

All My Children's Cady McClain said, "There's definitely a difference in the sex scenes. I haven't had to do it yet, but I've seen a couple and I've been like, 'Oh my gosh!'"

INSIDE EDITION was on the set as actress Paula Garces shot a steamy scene for the new All My Children.

"Now that it's on the internet, the show is definitley a little edgier. It moves much faster," Garces said.

Garces is new to the show, but she got some tips from the show's most famous cast member—Susan Lucci, who played the villainous Erica Cane for 41 years.

"She gave some pointers and said that it was going to be really cool, and I asked her if she was gonna come back and all she said was that she was trying to work it out," she said.

The two soaps used to be an hour long but on the internet they're just 30 minutes an episode. The shows air Monday through Friday on Hulu and iTunes. 

Vincent Irizarry of All My Children said, "We were #1 on iTunes and #1 on Hulu, I think it's a very good indication that it's a success."