Viewers Weigh In on Amanda Knox's TV Interview

Reaction pours in over Amanda Knox's interview with Diane Sawyer and it's decidedly mixed. INSIDE EDITION reports.

While Amanda Knox gave her first live TV interview, the family of Meredith Kercher, the woman Knox is accused of murdering, also spoke out, expressing deep anger about Knox's just-published book.

"We are not interested in this book, and we will not read it," the Kerchers said in a statement. "Meredith is the victim in this tragic case."

On Good Morning America, Knox replied, "I still hope they'll read my book because in it I talk about Meredeth. I talk about the relationship I had with her, and that is the little amount that I could give to her."

Reaction to Knox's interviews, which began airing Tuesday night in a special with ABC's Diane Sawyer, is pouring in from around the world.

When Sawyer asked, "Did you kill Meredith Kercher?", Knox replied, "No."

In Italy, where the killing took place, there was some condemnation. According to La Repubblica, someone said, "Knox certainly knows how to be cool and how to take advantage of it. In America she would have been sentenced to death."

In England, where Meredith Kercher grew up, viewers criticized Knox's demeanor. According to The Daily Mail, someone said,  "Whether guilty or not, she comes across as selfish and unfeeling. Her look just says to me 'Something is not quite right.'"

Here in America, reaction on Twitter was mixed.

"I believe she didn't do it," one user wrote. "Read the book, listen to her story."

"How Italian police handled this case makes me sick. The incompetence...Sexism, & other factors are staggering," another user weighed in.

We asked body language expert T.J. Walker to analyze Knox's interview—which included an acknowledgement that she had lots of "casual sex" before her arrest in Italy.

"It was irresponsible. A child going about a very adult thing," she said in the interview.

Walker said, "Looking down, once twice, three times within a couple of seconds. That could be that she's not being honest, or it could be that she's embarrassed. This is embarrassing stuff."

Some believe Knox's tears were crocodile tears when she said, "I was tired of them having to sacrifice everything for me."

She comes across very genuine here. She either is legitimately sharing her feelings, or she's the world's greatest actress," Walker said.