Janice Dickinson Declares Bankruptcy

The world's first supermodel, Janice Dickinson, spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about her bankruptcy filing. Despite financial woes, she won't give up botox.

The woman known as America's first supermodel said she's broke.

Janice Dickinson has just declared bankruptcy and gave her first interview about her financial crisis to INSIDE EDITION.

"I've hocked everything," she said.

In the federal bankruptcy papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION, 58-year-old Dickinson lists debts of nearly one million dollars. She owes more than $550,000 in back taxes and $60,000 to doctors, including cosmetic surgeons.

"Did plastic surgery push you into bankruptcy?" Moret asked.

Dickinson said, "No, plastic surgery did not push me into bankruptcy. Life pushed me into bankruptcy."

She said after appearing on shows like America's Next Top Model, work dried up, but she continued to live the Beverly Hills lifestyle.

"I have expensive tastes in art, I have expensive tastes in jewelry, I have expensive tastes in everything, you name it," Dickinson said.

She said she spent hundreds of thousands on private schools for her children.

She lost her car and her house, and if it wasn't for her engagement to LA psychiatrist Robert Gerner, who phoned right in the middle of the interview, she'd be homeless.

"I'd probably be the most elegant bagwoman in the world, pushing a shopping cart down Rodeo Drive," Dickinson said.

She said she even thought the government would seize her diamond engagement ring.

"Were you really afraid the government would try to take that?" Moret asked.

Dickinson replied, "No, because they would have to take my finger off."

She said there's one thing she'll never give up no matter how broke she is—botox.

When Moret said, "The headline that I just saw: I Don't Care About Bankruptcy I'm Not Giving Up on Botox," Dickinson replied, "Well I'm not because I work in front of the camera."