The Most Dangerous Road In America

Winding roads are a racers dream, but a section of a California highway is becoming a nightmare of weekly collisions. INSIDE EDITION visited the road known as dead man's curve to see how dangerous it really is.

It's known as dead man's curve. A video captured a motorcyclist colliding into two cyclists, sending one flying like a crash-test dummy and hurling the other guy to the ground. Other cyclists try to help the stricken men as they wait for an ambulance.

The horrific accident happened on one of the most infamous curves in America. The bend is on a section of road known as "the snake.” More than two miles of twisting, turning asphalt on Mulholland Highway outside Malibu, California.

Misjudge it slightly and devastating outcomes could occur.

The challenging road and gorgeous views also make Mulholland Highway a big draw for cyclists and sports cars.

For many motorcyclists, it's an irresistible magnet. Sometimes they pull off daredevil stunts and get away with it. But other times, the drive can end in disaster. Male or female, the bend treats them all the same.

Photographers often station themselves at the curve, taking action photos and videos of the motorcycles as they roar by. But they know it's only a matter of time before someone goes flying.

Photographer Jon Cossentine told INSIDE EDITION, "We have had motorcycles hit other motorcycles, we have had cars actually go out of control and go into parked motorcycles."

Even a cop car posted at the corner has little effect.

A California highway patrol officer summed it up, "It's dangerous all the time cause all it takes is one guy to create a bad situation."

An orange mark was put by police to show where the terrible bike accident happened. All three men involved lived to tell the tale.

A miraculous escape, on the most dangerous road in America.