Slayer Guitarist Dead After Being Bit By Spider

After being bit by a spider two years ago and contracting a flesh eating bacteria, Jeff Hanneman, guitarist for the iconic heavy metal band Slayer, passed away. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Dead before his time because of a spider bite.

Jeff Hanneman, a guitarist with the heavy-metal band Slayer, is dead after being bitten by a spider in his hot tub two years ago.

He said in a past interview, "Didn’t even feel it. But an hour later I could see the flesh corrupting. I was an hour away from death."

49-year-old Hanneman was bitten by a spider in 2011 and almost lost his arm due to the flesh-eating bacterial infection that set in following the bite.

INSIDE EDITION told you recently how a 21-year-old woman cheated death after being bitten by a tiny spider at an airport in Texas. Her face puffed up horribly and her ear turned black with the infection. Emergency-room doctors caught the infection just in time.

Hanneman had to give up performing with his band as he battled the infection. It was a battle he ultimately lost.

Hard to believe a tiny insect could cause the death of such a strapping, energetic performer.