Unemployed Actor Becomes Top Tupperware Salesman

INSIDE EDITION met Aunt Barbara, the Tupperware lady who isn't exactly what you may be thinking.

It's a Tupperware party, but in the company's 65 year history, there's never been anyone like Aunt Barbara. She's a Tupperware superstar.

"I am the top selling Tupperware lady in all of North America," said Aunt Barbara.

And if you didn't know, beneath her 1970's bouffant wig, Aunt Barbara is really a guy in drag.

Robert Suchan of Long Island, New York was an out of work actor. Then, like a real life Tootsie, he created Aunt Barbara

On a Tupperware party night, Suchan begins his transformation hours in advance.

In full drag, Suchan is just one of the girls. He pushes the product line, and the women fill in their order forms. Lines form out the door. Aunt Barbara works the calculator, and then in the morning he goes over his orders.

Suchan said he earns a six figure salary, and Tupperware is so pleased, they've given him incentive rewards like iPads, flat screen TV's and even a Cadillac.