The Closely Guarded Secret of Jodi Arias' Trial

A secret has been let out. Hidden beneath Jodi Arias' clothes is an electronic stunbelt and restraints around her thighs that force her to walk with a limp. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It’s a closely guarded secret being kept from the jury at the Jodi Arias trial.

Hidden beneath her clothing is a electronic stun belt that is capable of giving her a paralyzing 50,000 volt shock.

It's operated by a deputy who sits nearby, ready to stun her if she tries to escape or attack someone.

Arias always wears loose shirts and tops to conceal the stun belt from the jury. She's also wearing restraints on her thighs. You can clearly see the outline of a device beneath her slacks. The hidden restraints give her a slight limp, which the jury never sees because she's always in her place when the jury comes in.

In closing arguments, prosecutor Juan Martinez reminded the jury what Jodi Arias told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd in a jailhouse interview in 2008.

She said to Boyd, “No jury is going to convict me." 

To top it all she has indicated that she is innocent, that no jury would convict her.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi gave his closing argument Friday, "It is not about sitting before the camera's of INSIDE EDITION and saying, 'No jury will convict me.' It is not about that. It is about the evidence."

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret is at the trial and said, “The atmosphere in court is electric as this trial reaches its final stages. Among those following it closely is a friend of Jodi’s boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who says she had a terrifying encounter with a very jealous Jodi.”

Clancy Talbot says a crazy Arias confronted her in a public bathroom room in a hotel during a sales convention.    

Talbot said, "She was jealous of all of Travis' friends, especially female. She was just like, shaking, and telling me that, 'I don't know if you know that Travis and I are an item.' Her eyes are normally like there is nothing there, but her eyes were kind of crazy and she just kept going on and on and I didn't really understand why she was upset."

Arias is accused of killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander in a fit of jealous rage. She says she's praying for a guilty verdict and a sentence of death.