Dr. Oz Rebuffs False Endorsements

Dr. Oz's face and name have shown up in ads for many products, but he's speaking out saying he never endorsed them. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Dr. Oz in person.

Dr. Oz is on the warpath. He's going after companies that use his good name and image in their advertising.

"I'm here to say, it's not me," said Dr. Oz. "It strips at the very core of who I am to see these ads going out and to see unsuspecting viewers taken advantage of."

Some of the ads that appear all over the internet look like they've gotten Dr. Oz's seal of approval. But  the popular talk show host told INSIDE EDITION he never endorses any specific brand.

"It's a clear wanring sign to you. You see Dr. Oz's name, you see my picture, run away, buy someone else's product."

He showed INSIDE EDITION what he's up against, pointing out an ad online, "This picture is illegal, the name is illegal."

Dr. Oz says there could be health issues with some of the products that have appropriated his name.

He's so fed up, he's launching a campaign called "It's Not Me" on his show Monday. Dr. Oz said on his show, "I consider anyone who uses my name or my picture to try to sell you a product or supplements, reckless and dangerous."

Dr. Oz told INSIDE EDITION, "I can't tell you how many folks come to me and say 'I really wish you hadn't sold out.'"

He has a simple message for viewers: "I don't sell products. Don't be conned."