Life Behind Bars For Jodi Arias

INSIDE EDITION got a look at what life is like behind bars for Jodi Arias as she awaits a verdict in the trial the whole country has been watching.

As Jodi Arias waits for the jury's verdict, INSIDE EDITION got an exclusive look at her life behind bars in the county jail.

A cell like Arias's holds two inmates, although Arias doesn't currently have a roommate. There are two bunks, a desk and a toilet. Every morning to get ready for court she uses a mirror to put on her make-up.

In court she wears civilian clothes, but back in jail she puts on a black and white striped uniform emblazoned with the words "Sherrif's Inmate: Unsentenced" and with a pink bra, pink socks and panties and plastic sandals.

Like every inmmate in county jail, Jodi Arias receives two meals a day. The breakfast or brunch is a bologna sandwich, two oranges, ginger snaps and a milk. And for dinner, it's what the inmates call 'slop.' How does it taste? INSIDE EDITION found out it's not as bad as it looks.

Aruas is in maximum security, housed in a pod of 32 women. There's an area to meet and eat, two phones that only make collect calls, a television and a shower for up to two inmates at a time.   

Inmates can't follow the sensational trial coverage on TV. There are only three channels available: C-Span, The Weather Channel and Food Network

There's no internet, but she manages to tweet from behind bars. Sgt. Brandon Jones explained how.

"We've had a lot of people ask us why are we letting Jodi Arias tweet from jail. We're not. She's calling someone on the phone and that person is tweeting for her," said Jones.

Inmates make their own entertainment, like an American Idol-style talent contest which Arias won.  

Arias gets visitors six times a week. She remains handcuffed to the table.

When Arias meets with her attorneys, she does it in a room with bars in between them, but they can pass papers underneath.     

And get this, she actually gets fan mail.

"She gets a lot of fan mail, if you will, with some hate mail mixed in. She has had 3,000 to 4,000 pieces of mail," said Sgt. Jones.

Whatever the verdict, Jodi Arias will leave this place soon, either as a free woman, or to state prison and possibly death row.