Family Caught in a Tornado Fury

INSIDE EDITION speaks to an Oklahoma family who were buried under their house when a massive tornado crushed it into rubble.

A cluster of twisters touch down next ot each other and combine to form a monster storm. The twisters brought baseball-sized hail and cut a path of destruction across the American heartland in Oklahoma.

The Trumble family fled to their underground storm shelter and cowered in terror as their garage collapsed on top of them. Neighbors rushed to help, cutting debris with chain saws and moving a mountain of timber and rubble.

After an hour of heart-pounding drama the family began to emerge. First Aiden, age 6, then his 8-year-old brother Harrison, their mom, Tammy Trumble, followed by the family dog, Jersey! And finally, dad, Ray Trumble, lucky to be alive.

"Yes I'm ok! Everybody's ok," said Ray as he emerged from the rubble.

Tammy Trumble told INSIDE EDITION, "It just sounded like a freight train was coming over. Then we heard the crash of the building land on top and it was really loud."

She said they had seen the awe-inspiring storm live on TV and realized it was bearing down on their own home.

INSIDE EDITION asked Tammy if she was afraid they were all going to die.

Tammy said, "The kids said that a few times, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Once we were in the shelter we knew we were fine. It was just a matter of time."