Charles Ramsey: America's Newest Hero

Charles Ramsey has been thrust into the spotlight as a hero for helping Amanda Berry escape captivity from his neighbor, and America is loving him. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He's the larger-than-life neighbor who saved the four captives in Cleveland, and now he's become a national hero.

Charles Ramsey is relying on Red Bull to keep his energy up as he fields around-the-clock interview requests. He spoke about his sudden status as an overnight sensation on Good Morning America.

"I'm just....speechless," said Ramsey.

Hot in Cleveland star Valerie Bertinelli tweeted: "I think i'm in love, Charles Ramsey. #cleveland #hero."

And Jimmy Kimmel had his take on Ramsey.

"Maybe he'll do Dancing with the Stars next season," said Kimmel.

Ramsey's hometown newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has set up a special web page urging readers: "Post your thanks to hero Charles Ramsey."

"You are the man--cool, calm and collected," says one admirer.

"Your community is blessed to have you as a neighbor," says another.

You'll recall how Ramsey told how he first realized something was wrong when he told reporters, "I was eating my McDonald's. I heard a girl screaming."

The fast food chain is now tweeting: "Way to go, Charles Ramsey - we'll be in touch."

Ramsey's colorful comments after the rescue have gone viral. There's even a remix on YouTube. Some are taking offense at the video, saying it's mocking a brave man.

Meanwhile, authorities are investigating complaints that the 911 operator who answered the call from freed kidnap victim Amanda Berry wasn't compassionate enough.

911 Operator: "The police are on their way, talk to them when they get there, ok?"

Amanda: "I need ... Ok."

Operator: "I told you, they're on their way, talk to them when they get there, ok?"

Amanda: "All right, ok."

Jerry Turk, of the company Power Phone, trains 911 operators. Turk told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "She actually achieved what she was primarily there for, which was to receive the information, primarily the location, which she verified, and dispatch was called."

Trent asked, "How would you grade her?"

"I would grade her three out of five," said Turk.

Charles Ramsey also has issues with the 911 operator who took Amanda's call, and his 911 call.

Ramsey: "I'm telling you where the crime is, not my house."

911 Operator: "Sir, we can't talk at the same time. Do you want to leave your name a number?"

Ramsey told CNN's Anderson Cooper, "We both calling 911. She get through. I get through. She's dealing with a moron. Me too."