Psychic Sylvia Browne Under Fire Claiming Amanda Berry Died

Outrage is being aimed at well-known psychic Sylvia Browne for telling Amanda Berry's mother in 2004 that Amanda was dead. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Famed psychic Sylvia Browne is under fire today for what she once told Amanda Berry's mother.

It was 2004, just one year after Amanda vanished. Her desperate mother, Louwanna Miller, appeared on the Montel Williams show with Sylvia Browne.
Browne said, "She's not alive, honey. Your daughter was not the type who would not have called you."

"You don't think I'll see her ever again?" asked Berry's mother."Yeah, in heaven. On the other side," replied Browne.

Amanda's mom broke down. She later told the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper that she believed "98%" in what the psychic said. She actually gave away Amanda's computer and took down her photos, saying "I'm not even buying my baby a Christmas present this year."

All that time, Amanda was very much alive, held prisoner in the house on Seymour Avenue, just a few miles from her mother.

Now, Sylvia Browne's Facebook page is erupting with outrage.

"You are a fraud. What a horrible, horrible thing to say to a family holding onto nothing but hope and faith. Shame on you!" reads one comment.

"Hey Sylvia, Amanda Berry is alive. Think of the torment you put her mother through when you told the poor woman her daughter was dead. You are evil, evil, evil and ought to be ashamed of yourself," reads another.

The next year, Amanda's mother died of heart failure. But many in her family think, it was really due to a broken heart.

In a statement just posted on Sylvia Browne's Facebook page, Amanda's cousin says, "Our family in no way blames Sylvia. This doesn't change anything. We still love her and believe in her." 

Sylvia Browne told us in a statement that her predictions are more right than wrong, and she is relieved that this time she was mistaken.