Nicole Eggert Recounts Terrifying Last Dive On "Splash" Finale

Nicole Eggert's last dive on the season finale of Splash worried viewers as she lands hard on her back. INSIDE EDITION speaks with the former Baywatch star about her time on the show and how it could have ended much worse.

Gasps as former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert crashes into the water on the season finale of Splash.

Eggert was stunned when her double back flip from 23 feet high went horribly wrong.

Eggert’s daughter was terrified as her mom, who once rescued swimmers on Baywatch, got help from the paramedics.

In photos you can see how Eggert's entire back is covered in bruises.

Eggert said, “I hit the water and it was painful."

Now in this INSIDE EDITION exclusive, the 41 year old single mom is telling us about the dive that  injured her so badly.

Eggert said,  “Everything was tingling and I wasn't really moving right away.

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano told Eggert, "You could have broken your back."

Eggert replied, "I think I was very lucky. There was no breaks. It was just really bad bruising.”

Diving from the high board takes years to perfect, but Nicole and her fellow contestants had only weeks to practice.

Recano asked, “How dangerous was the competition?”

“This is very dangerous and very painful.” Egger said.

Eggert came in second to Canadian skier Rory Bushfield. She says second place still feels like a victory, even though she truly felt the agony of defeat.

Recano said, “Some would say you'd have to be crazy to be on the show.”

“Maybe a little bit.” Eggert replied.