Man Kills Girlfriend Over Text Message

It is becoming a national epidemic: text rage. A woman was killed after her boyfriend found a text message on her phone from another man. The boyfriend, Jonathan French, was just convicted of first degree murder. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Jonathan French was convicted of killing his girlfriend, but his motive is shocking.
French says he flew into a jealous rage after seeing a flirtatious text message from another man on his girlfriend Jennifer Stark's cell phone.

The murder occurred at Stark's home in Carlsback, north of San Diego. French saw a flirtatious text message from another man on her phone, and he told jurors that's when he snapped. He struck Stark, knocking her to the floor unconscious. He continued screaming, "Why? Why?" shaking her, and then he walked to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and cut her throat.  

It's the latest occurrence of text rage. In March, 15-year-old Wayne Treacy allegedly beat Josie Lou Ratey within inches of her life after he became enraged by a text message she sent. Treacy has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

But this latest case involves adults. French is 41 years old.

The jury didn't buy French's claim that it was a crime of passion.

French remained stoic as jury pronounced him guilty of first degree murder.

Stark's close friends are relieved to have some closure  

"He is a pathetic human being," said Stark's friend Kate Powers. "This has been the most horrendous ordeal for all of us, [and] we are pleased with the verdict."

French faces 26 years to life in prison.