"America's Most Wanted" Put Spotlight on Missing Gina DeJesus

INSIDE EDITION spoke to America's Most Wanted reporter Tom Morris who interviewed Ariel Castro's daughter about the disappearance of her friend, Gina DeJesus. Today, Castro's daughter is shocked with the news. 

The daughter of the Cleveland kidnapper is sending a heartfelt message to her father's victims.

Arlene Castro was best friends with Gina DeJesus. They couldn’t have been closer. Her long-lost friend was reunited with her family on Wednesday.

Arlene said, “I am so, so sorry. I really want to see you, Gina. I want you to meet my kids. So sorry for everything.”

George Stephanopouloson Good Morning America asked, "Did you have any kind of inkling at all that something of this could be going on inside his home?"

Arlene replied, "No, I had no idea. Me and my father were never really that close."

Arlene was even interviewed by America’s Most Wanted in 2005 when the show did a story on the first anniversary of Gina’s disappearance. Arlene, then 14 years old, told how she was with Gina that day, and was planning to hang out at Gina’s house.

Arlene said in the episode, “My mom said no, that I can't go over to her house. So I told her I couldn't and she said, 'Well, ok I’ll talk to you later,' and she just walked.”

Tom Morris was the America’s Most Wanted reporter who spoke to Arlene.

Morris told INSIDE EDITION, “She just seemed genuinely concerned about finding Gina.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney asked, “Did she indicate in any way that her father could have something to do with this?”

Morris said, “No and I was absolutely stunned that I interviewed Arlene Castro and she was in fact, the daughter of Ariel Castro. I was stunned."

Arlene is now a grown woman with children of her own.

On Good Morning America, Arlene was asked, "What was your reaction when you learned that your father confessed to holding her captive for so many years?"

She replied, "I would have to say that I am really disappointed, embarrassed, mainly devastated by this whole situation."

A home movie of Gina was released by police at the time she disappeared, in the hope it could help in the search.

Also, an amazing police sketch from 2004 of the suspect in Gina’s disappearance. Compared to Ariel Castro, the goatee, the nose, even the eyebrows. The images match in almost every detail.