Psychic Sylvia Browne Wrong On Two Kidnapping Cases

INSIDE EDITION reports on psychic Sylvia Browne's mistakes in claiming Amanda Berry, and a victim from another kidnapping case were dead.

"She's not alive honey."

That's what Browne told Louwanna Miller, Amanda Berry's mother on the Montel Williams Show, just one year after her daughter vanished. A little more than a year after speaking to the psychic, Louwanna died of heart failure.

Angry words are coming from Amanda's grandmother, Fern Gentry over the way Louwanna's hopes had been dashed.

Gentry told INSIDE EDITION, "When that lady told her that Amanda was dead, Louwanna couldn't take it. That's when she ran off the stage and ran out. She came home and she just couldn't take it."

But Browne is not deterred by her blunder, insisting in a statement to INSIDE EDITION that she's right more than she's wrong.

"If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time," said Browne.

Actually, there's another mistake Sylvia Browne can be grateful for.

Shawn Hornbeck was 11 years old when he took off on a bike ride in 2002 and never came home. The following year, his desperate parents sought help from Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show, but she gave them the worst possible news.

Hornbeck's mother asked, "Is he still with us?"

"No," said Browne.

She was wrong again. Shawn was rescued after four years in captivity.

"Life for me is like it is for any other ordinary 21 year old," Shawn told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent. "My parents had a feeling I was alive and they never gave up."

Trent asked, "What is your reaction when you hear about this psychic who predicted you were dead also said Amanda Berry was dead?"

"It just comes to prove that there are people out there who don't exactly have that connection like they'd claim," replied Shawn.

That's for sure.

When the I-Squad went undercover to ask a self-proclaimed psychic detective to solve a missing persons case. We showed her a photo of a missing girl and she took the case for $400.

The psychic said, "I don't believe she's alive. I'm sorry. I believe that it was a violent passing."

But the photo was actually a childhood shot of INSIDE EDITION's own Lisa Guerrero.

Guerrero said, "This little girl is me, and you told somebody that she's dead."

"Wait a minute, you didn't disappear?" asked the psychic.

"I'm right here," said Guerrero.

So it seems that more than one so-called psychic is afflicted with blurry vision.