World's Tiniest Mom Has Second Baby

INSIDE EDITION followed the world's tiniest mom as she has her second child after a pregnancy that isn't easy for a woman her size.

At two-foot nine-inches-tall, Christianne Ray is the tiniest pregnant mom in the world.

"It's pretty interesting to be so small and be so pregnant," said Ray.
When she walks, she needs someone to hold both hands, otherwise she'll topple over due to the baby's weight.

Ray describes it as: "It's like balancing a bowling ball on toothpicks."

Usually, the woman who lives outside Seattle is carried by her six-foot-four fiancé, Jeremy, because her small legs can't bare her baby's weight.

Ray is unable to carry her baby full term. Doctors will put her under when they deliver her baby by Caesarean six weeks early.

"I had a baby shower," said Ray.

So she's busy preparing his wardrobe. Doctors warn there's a 50 percent chance that her son will also be a little person.

Recano asked, "What did you think when you found out this baby might be a tiny person?"

"When I found out he might possibly be little, I came home and balled for two hours," admits Ray.

"Why did you cry?"

"I didn't want another child to go through what Kyrsten has to go through," she said.

Kyrsten is Ray's daughter. That's right, this is actually the second pregnancy for the tiniest mom in the world. Her adorable six-year-old, who loves giving her mom hugs, stands two-feet six-inches tall and inherited her mom's rare bone disorder that stunts growth. But, she's thrilled she'll soon be a big sister.

So, what will happen when Christianne Ray gives birth?

Two weeks later, a nervous Ray heads to the delivery room. When baby Liam arrives, he's premature and is immediately placed inside an incubator. Christianne has to wait two days to hold her precious son.

Overjoyed, she carefully cradles her newborn and gives Liam his first kiss. Her baby weighs a healthy five pounds, three ounces, but her doctor believes Liam may have inherited his mother's genetic disorder.

Dr. Edith Cheng told INSIDE EDITION, "As we were following his growth during the pregnancy, his limbs were not growing at the same rate."

For now though, this tiny mom is not focused on how tall her baby will be, only on the love in her heart that is growing by the day.