SNL Sparks Controvery Over Ariel Castro, Jodi Arias Skit

Some are asking if it's too soon to parody high-profile crime cases like Jodi Arias and the Cleveland kidnappings. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Controversy is raging over portrayals of accused kidnapper Ariel Castro and convicted murder Jodi Arias in a Saturday Night Live skit.

The parody of the Benghazi Congressional hearings opened with a wild tactic to boost TV ratings—the committee called upon Jodi Arias to testify.

In the sketch, an attorney asks Arias, "That story you told about your boyfriend attacking was was bs, right?"

The Jodi Arias character replied, "Oh, totally. He never laid a hand on me."

If that wasn't edgy enough, then came the real bombshell. Cut to comedian Bobby Moynihan, done up to resemble the accused rapist/murderer from Cleveland.

"What about me? When do I get to testify, huh?" said the Castro character.

The New York Post said, "Too Soon And Not Funny."

The asks: "Did They Go Too Far?"