Jason Collins Ex-Fiancée Plans For Motherhood Someday

Carolyn Moos was engaged to NBA star Jason Collins who just came out as gay. Now, she is telling INSIDE EDITION she wants to freeze her eggs before time runs out to become a mom.

INSIDE EDITION got the first look at the wedding dress that the ex-fiancée of NBA star Jason Collins never got to wear.

His ex tearfully told INSIDE EDITION, “It's very pretty I think. I definitely hope to wear it some day.”

Collins stunned America when he came out as the first openly gay player in the NBA. Now, an emotional Carolyn Moos is looking at her shimmery gold custom made wedding gown for the first time since her engagement to the basketball star was called off.

She said, “Seeing that person as your soul mate and thinking you are going to wake up to them everyday, it is not easy.”

Moos actually helped design her wedding gown, and was so proud of it that she modeled the dress in photos. The former Stanford basketball star and fitness trainer was set to marry Collins at the Four Seasons resort in Santa Barbara on August 8th, 2009. She got the shock of her life when Collins called off the engagement a month before the big day. She now admits she still had hopes they might get back together—that's until his stunning announcement.

She said, “I was kind of holding onto that dream to some degree so that inhibited me from moving forward.”

Now, the 34 year old from Los Angeles is taking dramatic steps to become a mom before time runs out by freezing her eggs.

She said, “I don't want to look back and say that was a window of opportunity that I considered and didn't take action. Waiting for that right person is important. It also makes me realize you might invest a lot in another situation and never know when you need a back up plan.”

Moos is busy visiting her doctors and getting lab work done. Next week, she'll begin injecting herself with a series of fertility hormones.

She said, “What you do is you actually extract the right amount from each component and you will insert it into sterilized syringes.”

Then she'll travel to Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, where a doctor will extract her eggs.

She said, “It’s going to be scary, just the very idea of what they do is going to be scary just what they do but at the end of the day the outcome is worth it.”

She'll undergo a cutting edge procedure called flash freezing which allows a protective layer to freeze over the egg in seconds and increase the egg's longevity. Medical director Dr. Daniel Shapiro says at age 34 Moos, doesn't have time to waste.

He said, “The earlier you freeze, the better.”

And it's not just Moos’ dream. After coming out as gay, Collins said he still hopes to have kids so we had to ask.

INSIDE EDITION asked, “If Jason asked you to donate your eggs would you?”

Moos said, “Gosh, that would be an interesting dynamic. I do know that he wants to find his partner before he has children. It's not something I’ve directly thought about.”