Going To Great Lengths For Arms Like Michelle Obama's

First Lady Michelle Obama's toned arms are the envy of many women. INSIDE EDITION follows one woman who goes under the knife to get the first lady's signature look.

Women everywhere are clamoring to get arms just like First Lady Michelle Obama.  

Rita Badawe loves to shop, but the flabby skin under her arms makes her uncomfortable when trying on clothes.  We went to Debra C in Beverly Hills where the 30-year-old administrative assistant tried on sleeveless clothes.

She said, “When I look at Michelle Obama’s arms I feel like, 'Wow, I wish I could get that look, how could I get it?' I feel like I have ham hocks.  It's sad.”  

She is getting married in a few months and wants to have taut arms like Michelle Obama for her wedding day.  So she went to board certified plastic surgeon Nicholas Nikolov to have liposuction on her upper arms.

He said, “What we want to take away is some of this fat here, and also make sure it's not hanging.  And get a little bit of a tighter look.” 

An excited Rita was wheeled into the operating room.  The doctor makes a small incision, then sucks out the excess fat from her arms.  After the fat is removed, a laser is inserted.  A laser is used to firm up the skin. The entire procedure took one hour.

Now, Rita is on her way to having arms exactly like the first lady.