Prince Harry Visits Jersey Shore Rebuilding Efforts

Prince Harry delighted crowds as he paid a visit to storm-ravaged sections of New Jersey hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Prince Harry hit the carnival games on the Jersey Shore, much to the delight of the children there.

He played a ball toss game, but it wasn't all fun. A scary moment happened just as Harry arrived when a section of the famous Jersey Shore boardwalk collapsed under the weight of all the people clamoring to get a glimpse of the prince.

The prince inspected destroyed homes, shook hands with police and emergency workers and said he was impressed by all the rebuilding going on.

Prince Harry got a first hand look at one of the most iconic images of Hurricane Sandy—the roller coaster on the Jersey Shore that was swept into the ocean. All these months later, it's finally being torn down and hauled away.

The prince was humble when asked how much good his visit could do in the midst of all this devastation.

"Absolutely none," said the humble prince.

Everyone along the Jersey Shore is hoping Prince Harry's visit will bring much needed tourists back to the newly rebuilt boardwalk.

For a day, this prince was a real Jersey boy.