Judge Judy Speaks Exclusively To IE About Her New Book

INSIDE EDITION spoke to exclusively to TV's most popular judge, Judge Judy about her new book, What Would Jude Judy Say?

INSIDE EDITION went behind-the-scenes with Judge Judy, the most trusted judge in America.

She reacted to a new poll that places her ahead of all nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court on a list of the most trustworthy Americans.

"They know that I come with sort of a clean slate," she said.

INISDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke to Judge Judy Sheindlin in her office between tapings of the number one TV show in syndication.

She's just released a new book, What Would Judy Say?  A Grown-up Guide to Living Together with Benefits.

Moret said, “I thought you were going to say don't live together.”

Judge Judy replied, “Why would you think that?”
Believe it or not, Judge Judy actually thinks its ok for unmarried couples to live together.

She said, “Living together is here to stay and as long as you're going to do it, there should be ground rules and you should do it in a smart way.”  

Judge Judy’s rule number one is set a time limit on how long you'll live together.

Rule number two is keep your property separate.

Moret said, “No joint checking account, get it in writing.”

She said, “No joint anything!  No joint dog, no joint time share, no joint car.”
Rule three is postpone having kids until you've got that wedding ring.

She said, “I’m old fashioned in that respect.”

Judge Judy told Moret she speaks from experience. She’s been married three times, twice to husband Jerry.

She said, "I would say its wise, live together, give it an old college try, if it doesn't work, move on.  And if it does, get married."