OJ Simpson Testifies In Court Seeking New Trial

Fallen football legend, OJ Simpson took to the witness stand seeking a new trial for his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

OJ Simpson took the stand in a Las Vegas courtroom, the first time the world has ever seen him in a witness box. Simpson's hands and feet were shackled as he shuffled forward and took the oath.

After he said and spelled his name, one of the sheriffs uncuffed him. Then the event America was waiting to see, Simpson testifying in court.

"I was in the media a lot," he said.

Simpson is trying to win a new trial on his 2008 convictions for armed robbery and kidnapping. He burst into a Vegas hotel room and confronted two memorabilia dealers at gunpoint.

Questioned by his lawyer, Simpson said he resented the fact that the dealers had his personal items.

"My youngest kids were away at college at this time, these are not some things that some guy should have been selling," he said.

Before the showdown, he had dinner with a number of people including then-girlfriend Christine Prody. Simpson said he consulted his lawyer, high profile attorney Yale Galanter, about recovering the items.

Simpson said, "The overall advice he gave me was, you have a right to get your stuff. I will give you an example, if you were walking down the street, and you saw your laptop with your name in a car, you can use force to break the window of the car to get the laptop."

Simpson was then asked, "What was his advice to you regarding the entire appointment?"

He replied, "If he didn't give me the stuff, then you have to call police."

Simpson was asked, "Did that plan ever involve the discussion of using weapons?"

He replied, "Never. No weapons. Weapons were never an issue discussed."

Simpson said he and Galanter spoke that the memorabilia dealers might actually have the suit he was wearing when he was famously acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995.

Simpson said, "I said, 'If that suit is there, I am going to take it and burn it!' Yale said, 'You are not burning that suit!'"

He then spoke about the moment he and his associates burst into the room.

Simpson said, "The two guys in the room wanted to know if we could do business. They said, 'OJ, OJ, are we cool juice?' I said, 'Well, we will see. We'll see. I will talk to you, but not right now, now, I am pissed.'"

When the court broke for lunch, Simpson poured on the charm, cracking jokes with the deputies. Then off he went, back in shackles and stooped over from arthritis.