Angelina Jolie Praised For Courage

Hollywood is praising Angelina Jolie for publicly announcing her double mastectomy, including some famous women who faced the same medical crisis. INSIDE EDITION has reactions from Fran Drescher, Giuliana Rancic and more.

She's known as a very funny lady, but cancer survivor Fran Drescher is very serious when it comes to her praise for Angelina Jolie.

Drescher told INSIDE EDITION, "I think Angelina is a warrior goddess. Whatever she does and however her life is touched, she wants to share it with her fans because she knows how she can impact them for the greater good."

Drescher underwent a radical hysterectomy 13 years ago when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. True to form, the woman who rose to fame as The Nanny wrote a book about her life-and-death battle called Cancer Schmancer.

"What I'm trying to do is take her message and widen it," said Drescher.

"What courage!" That's what Giuliana Rancic had to say about Angelina Jolie when INSIDE EDITION caught up with her on the set of E! News. Rancic underwent a double mastectomy just over a year ago after she'd been diagnosed with cancer. She wants Jolie to know that time heals all wounds.

"Once you get a surgery as radical as this, it's hard. It sometimes takes days if not weeks to look at yourself in the mirror again. Now, when I look in the mirror, I think it's beautiful. I see those scars and I think they are a sign of courage."

At New York City's ABC upfronts ceremony, which promotes shows for their upcoming TV season, Modern Family star Ed O'Neil marveled at Jolie's courage.

"I'm sure it was a very difficult decision, but it was hers to make. I wish her the best of everything," said O'Neil.

And Grey's Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw is praising Jolie's decision to share her story, saying, "I think it's incredibly generous of her to chronicle her experience with the public."

Of course, celebrities are not the only people inspired by Angelina's bravery.

Leslie Wandmocker was diagnosed with the same cancer-prone genetic mutation as Jolie.They both underwent preventive double-mastectomies at around the same time. And now, they're both fighting for the same cause, good health, and long life.

"When I read Angelina's op-ed piece, I was very moved," said Wandmocker. "She's always been a great ambassador for women. I'm grateful she's speaking so publicly about this, being as private a person as she is."