Too Sexy To Teach?

INSIDE EDITION spoke with a former high school English teacher who claims she was fired for moonlighting as a sexy model on the weekends.

INSIDE EDITION went behind-the-scenes of a racy photo shoot. A sexy swimsuit model struck some steamy poses, but you'll be shocked when you hear what Olivia Paxson does for a living.

She said, “I am definitely not your typical high school English teacher.”

She is a ninth grade English teacher who wears pigtails and no makeup in class, but on weekends she moonlights as a glamour model.

But is she too hot to teach?

That's what she says the principal at Martin County High School in Stuart, Florida thought after a parent showed him photos of sexy Paxson in skimpy bikinis he called her in and fired her on the spot.

She said, “They asked me to resign immediately and I was escorted to my car.”
She says she didn't even get a chance to clean out her desk or say goodbye to her students.

“For the last three weeks of their freshman year they'll go through a couple of subs and go through a lot of changes,” she said.

The school won't comment on her firing calling it a "personnel matter."

Paxon said, “I don't think that posing in a bikini or in lingerie is something that should affect my job as a high school English teacher.”