Cops Say Hitchhiker Hero Is Wanted For Murder

Kai the hitchhiker became a YouTube celebrity after his heroics saved a woman. Now, cops say he's wanted for murder. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Kai is the hitchhiker who became a YouTube sensation just three months ago for saving a woman by smashing her attacker over the head with a hatchet.

His off the wall interview about rescuing the California woman went viral, making "Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker” famous overnight.

His goofy interview was autotuned with three million views and he even appeared in a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

But now, cops say 34-year-old Kai the hitchhiker, whose real name is Caleb McGillivray, is a killer.  He is wanted in connection with the murder three days ago of Joseph Galfy, a 73-year-old lawyer who lived in Clark, New Jersey.   

Union City prosecutor Ted Romankow said in a press conference, "He has in the past, had the ability to use the back end of a hatchet, so it is very possible he might be carrying it."

A national manhunt is now underway for Kai. Cops say Kai has cut his hair to change his appearance and was last seen at a New Jersey train station and is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

The victim, Joseph Galfy was buried on Thursday. An autopsy says he was killed by "blunt force trauma,” similar to the way Kai describes attacking that bad guy in the internet video that made him a celebrity.