Teen Inspires Courage Despite Rare Skin Disorder

Born with a rare skin disorder, Hunter Steinitz has kept a postiive attitude amidst contant pain and bullying. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the inspiring teen.

She looks like she has a painful sunburn—bright red scaly skin from head to toe. But this is no bad sunburn. Hunter was born with a rare genetic skin disease called Harlequin Ichthyosis. It causes the skin to become ten times thicker than normal and have the texture of fine sandpaper. 

From a young age growing up in Pittsburgh, Hunter experienced relentless bullying and teasing because of her red skin.

Hunter told INSIDE EDITION, "It was constant name calling, teasing. 'Oh look, there's tomato head' or something."

And Hunter's hair is not real. She wears a wig because when her hair falls out her condition prevents it from growing back.

"It makes me feel  a little better, a little more confident," said Hunter.

Here's how Hunter's day begins. She runs a bath and then soaks for an hour, all to help moisturize her skin. After her bath she coats herself with Vaseline. Then, the wig goes on.

Even though her condition is noticeable to everyone she meets, Hunter inspires everyone with her up beat attitude.

She said, "Being different is okay. It's part of life."