Late Night Comics Have Field Day With President Obama's Tough Week

The late night comedians aren't holding back when it comes to poking fun at President Obama. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the the hectic week the White House has had which has been a gold mine of laughter.

President Obama is having a rough week and now he's getting it from the late night comics.

Jimmy Kimmel joked, saying, “A lot of people are saying that Obama could go down as our worst black president in more than a hundred years. "

Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien poked fun at the administration, saying, “Some Republicans are saying due to his current scandals President Obama should be impeached.  In response, Obama laughed and said, ‘Two words fellas, President Biden.' "

David Letterman joked about accusations that he has ripped into the Republicans, while handling Obama with kid gloves.

“People always say this to me, they say ‘Hey Letterman’, they say, ‘Why don't you make jokes about Obama?’ and I say, ‘Alright, I’ll tell you why, good question, and you want to know why? Okay. I don't make jokes about him because I don't want the FBI to tap my phone.' "

So have the late night comics finally turned on Obama?

Mike Hogan, entertainment editor from Huffington Post said, “They haven't attacked him as hard as they’ve attacked other presidents, but in the last week these three different scandals have engulfed his White House and you can see the tide turning at least a bit right now. “

Even The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, well known for his liberal views, had to admit that Obama's critics at Fox News may be right, but he had a tough time saying it. 

And speaking of Fox News, Eric Bolling, co-host of The Five, says he was audited by the IRS.

“In 2011 I was pretty vocal against four more years of President Obama. I remember this. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I did get an IRS audit in 2012 for my 2011 tax returns. I’m not sure if there's any correlation. “

INSIDE EDITION’S Les Trent, caught up with Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump for his take on the gloves now coming off for President Obama, asking “Do you agree though that the comedians as well have given him a bit of a pass?”

“I think they probably have. They can be a little bit tougher on him. But I think they probably have relative to other people, absolutely. But they’re hitting him hard now." Trump responded.

The president is acknowledging the seriousness of the allegations regarding the IRS, stating, “It’s inexcusable.  Americans have a right to be angry about it and I’m angry about it."

Now, he's got the late night comics on his back, with Leno taking this jab,  “You know this whole IRS  thing, apparently  targeting conservative groups like theTea Party?  You know it's bad when Obama says, ‘Hey, why don't we talk about Benghazi?' "