Michael Jackson's Maid Claims She Witnessed Child Molestation

INSIDE EDITION sits down for an exclusive interview with Michael Jackon's Neverland Ranch maid, Adrian McManus who claims she saw Jackson interact inappropriately with young boys.

Adrian McManus was once Michael Jackson’s personal maid at Neverland Ranch and in this INSIDE EDITION exclusive interview she says she saw the singer acting inappropriately with young boys.

She claims, “Michael himself told me that whatever happens in Neverland stays in Neverland.”

INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret asked, “Do you believe Michael Jackson was a child molester?”  

McManus responded, “Yes, I do. He groomed the little boys. I think he was getting them drunk.”

McManus started working for Jackson in 1993, just before the first allegation of child molestation surfaced.

Moret asked, "Did you ever see anything in his bedroom that you thought was wrong?"

McManus responded, "I would walk in and there would be boys laying in his bed with him. I'd walk in his room and his underwear would be floating in the jacuzzi in his bedroom. They'd be floating in the water with the little boys underwear."

McManus claims she was warned by a Jackson employee to never to reveal what she saw , or else.

"He said, 'You know what Adrian, if you ever go on a talk show or a TV show, we can hire a hit man, have your neck slit. They'll never find your body. We can hire a sniper to take you out.' "

The maid testified against Jackson in his 2005 molestation trial claiming she saw him fondle Macaulay Culkin. Culkin denied that allegation and Jackson called her a disgruntled ex-employee.

Jackson died in 2009 and Adrian McManus says she wasn't that surprised because she says she saw him overdose twice before.

McManus recalls, "I thought he was dead. His eyes were opened. It looked like he wasn't breathing. I went up and said, 'Michael. Michael.' And then he like woke up and he started crying. He busted into crying."

She says even though she left Neverland nearly two decades ago, she can't forget some of the things she says she witnessed there.

"I was afraid for my life." McManus said. " I still am to this day."