Obama's Stormy Week Ends With Umbrellagate

President Obama has had to face tough issues this week ranging from Benghazi to the IRS. Now, Marines holding an umbrella for him has topped off a stormy week. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

As if he didn't have enough problems, now President Obama is coming under fire for asking a U.S. Marine to hold an umbrella so he wouldn't get wet.

"Why don't we get a couple of Marines, they're going to look good next to us," said Obama.

"Another scandal hits Obama. When It Rains It Pours," says the New York Post.

The president asked two marines to hold the umbrellas during a rainy news conference with the prime minister of Turkey in the White House rose garden.  

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke to Michael Bloom, Executive Director of the Marine Corps League.

McInerney asked, "Should a marine be holding an umbrella?"

"Protocol is that marines don't carry umbrellas. It's not part of the Marine Corps uniform, and you're taught early on that you don't carry an umbrella."

Conservative news organizations are coming down hard on the president.

The Daily Caller website says: "Obama breaches marine umbrella protocol" citing Marine Corps regulations that forbid male marines from using umbrellas. Female marines are allowed to carry them.

Sarah Palin weighed in, tweeting: "Mr. President, when it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas."

The sight of marines holding umbrellas is "extremely rare" according to a Marine Corps spokesman.

Charlie Rose said on CBS This Morning, "If the Commander-in-Chief says it's ok, it's ok."

So, is all this piling on much ado about nothing?

Bloom said, "If the Commander-in-Chief asks you to do handstands in front of the camera, you do handstands in front of the camera."