Couple May Have Stumbled Upon Coca-Cola Recipe

A couple think they found a secret recipe to Coca-Cola in a box of old letters, but is it the real thing? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Cliff Kluge says he might just have the real thing—the top secret formula for Coca-Cola.

"This would be the holy grail of Coca-Cola," said Cliff.

Cliff Kluge's wife, Arlene found a recipe in an old box of letters she bought at a yard sale and it could be worth millions.

Arlene told INSIDE EDITION, "My reaction was, there's no way. We can't even win a dollar on a lotto."  ticket."

The letter was written in 1943.

Cliff said, "This person that typed the letter had seen the recipe for Coca-Cola."

The recipe describes an elaborate and complicated process. Cliff has not released all the ingredients, but the primary ones are: "Vanilla, lime juice, lemon oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil and nutmeg oil."  

"It's so detailed. It's not just the ingredients, it's how to prepare the recipe," said Cliff.

Coca-Cola archivist Ted Ryan insists there is only one copy of its super secret formula and it's locked in the vault of the secret formula, at corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

Ryan said, "It's very secure. The only copy is in the vault, so I'm very comfortable that our only copy of the Coca-Cola recipe is safe here in Atlanta."

The formula is one of corporate America's greatest secrets. Coca-Cola says only two people alive today have ever seen the secret recipe.

1.7 billion servings of Coke are consumed around the world every day.

As for Cliff and Arlene, they sure are hoping they have the real thing.

"I was already spending my millions," said Cliff.