Inside Jodi Arias' Jail Cell

While Jodi Arias awaits her fate, INSIDE EDITION got a look inside the tiny cell she's locked in for 23 hours a day.

The cell where Jodi Arias spends 23 hours a day when she's not in court is tiny and cluttered with personal belongings. She sleeps on the lower bunk on a thin mattress, with a pink sheet, pillow and blanket. On a shelf are bottles of moisturizer. The only decoration amid the mess is a photo of a cat.  

Everywhere are stacks of mail, newspaper clippings, and shopping bags where she is hoarding thousands of pages of court documents.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio allowed reporters to look inside the 7 foot by 11 foot cell because he's furious that HLN TV personality Nancy Grace claimed he is coddling Arias.

"She can have a TV in her cell. Gets to see her family, all sorts of visitation hours, much more lax. Gets to have exercise," claimed Grace.

She can have a TV in her cell, get to see her family, all sorts of visitation hours, much more lax gets exercise, private cell.

Arpaio revealed she's is in solitary confinement while her fate is being decided with no TV or radio.

He said, “This is high security. She gets out one hour a day to shower or make a telephone call.”

Her books include a dictionary of the Mormon religion, True to the Faith. She became a Mormon to please slain boyfriend Travis Alexander. She's also reading this 2,000 page religious tome, The Urantia Book.

There is a magazine, The Intelligent Optimist, with headlines like “The Revenge of the Spirit,” and “Is Misery the Fast Track to a Great Life?” Bizarre reading for someone facing the death penalty.  

Cameras also glimpsed Arias returning from court, after a harrowing day of raw emotion.

First Travis Alexander’s brother, Stephen, then his sister Samantha tearfully demanded the death penalty.

He said, “I don't want to have to see my brother's murderer any more!”

She said, “We'll never have him back!”

Arias is expected to face the jury and plead for her life next week.