Tornadoes Ravaged The Midwest

Monster tornadoes shocked the Midwestern part of America over the weekend and brought  displays of natural power. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A monster tornado looks like something straight out of the movie Twister, but it's very real.

It's one of dozens of tornadoes caught-on-tape that have ripped across six states in the past 48 hours.    

Some storm chasers found themselves smack in the path of an Oklahoma tornado that was moving like a freight train.

A Kansas twister brought on bright lightning bolts and the howling winds.

An ominous black tornado creates a path of destruction, debris can be seen flying everywhere.

One set of storm chasers got to a swirling tornado that crossed right in front of them on the highway.  

Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee chased the tornadoes that hit six states, driving right into the middle of one of them.  

She said, "The hail here is wild."

The National Weather Service says more of these devastating tornadoes may hit an area where 55 million people live.