Psychic Warned Barbara Walters of Blood Problem Two Years Ago

Two years ago, psychic James Van Praagh warned Barbara Walters that she had a problem with her blood, but she was skeptical. Now Walters is scheduled to have heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Psychic James Van Praagh warned Barbara Walters years ago that she was headed for a medical crisis, but he says the TV legend dismissed his warning.

"I said, 'There's something not right with your blood.' I said you need to keep an eye on your blood, something's going to happen with your blood," says Van Praagh.

Almost two years before Walters made the dramatic announcement that she would undergo open-heart surgery to replace her aortic valve, the famous psychic was a guest on The View. After his appearance, he told Walters backstage that there was a problem with her blood. One week later, an annoyed Walters told the audience about the encounter.

Walters said she was skeptical of Van Praagh's warning, but she still had her blood tested.

"So today I got the report. I am absolutely normal!" she told her co-hosts. She also said she thought what Van Praagh did was "a dangerous thing to do."

Now it turns out that Walters does have a problem with blood flow into her heart! Van Praagh, co-executive producer of The Ghost Whisperer and author of Unfinished Business, says he never had a chance to defend himself and he was hurt by Walters's rebuke.

"I know what I saw, I know what I said is correct, my interpretation might have been off, her interpretation was obviously off, but definitely there was something that I saw that was accurate," Van Praagh says.

But he wishes Walters nothing but the best as she prepares to undergo her surgery, saying, "I do wish her the best of health, I really do."