Steamy 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Books Spark Baby Boom

These two women are claiming the seductive Fifty Shades of Grey books are the reason for their children. INSIDE EDITION sits down with these mothers to talk about what people are calling "Greybies".

These adorable newborns are part of a greybie-boom.

What's a greybie?

They are babies born to moms inspired by the seductive, blockbuster trilogy, FiftyShades of Grey.

INSIDE EDITION’S Jim Moret asked mom, Tara Cooke, “You have a greybie?”

Cooke replied, “I do.”

Moret continued, “And you’re proud of it?”

"I am very proud of my greybee,” said Cooke.

Nine months ago, this Phoenix Arizona mom had no time for romance with her husband and having another child was out of the question.

She said, “I was done having kids and then I read the book, all three of them, a few times and then we ended up with a third one.”

Little Maddon was born three weeks ago.

Bethany Dikes of Portland, Oregon says the steamy Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is also responsible for her newborn.

Dikes said, “I’m grateful for reading them because, you know, obviously I wouldn’t have my son at this point.”

Dikes and her husband already had a five year old son, but the couple wanted another child. They tried for two years before giving up. Then Dikes read the racy books also known as mommy porn.

Dikes claimed, “The minute we stopped trying and I started to get into the books, our baby was conceived.”

Nine months later little Carter joined the family and the rest is greybees history!