Singer Butchers The National Anthem At Hockey Game

When Alexis Normand took the ice to sing the Star Spangled Banner, nobody imagined they'd hear such a rendition. INSIDE EDITION speaks with Normand about her disastrous performance.

She started out badly and she only got worse. Noboby could believe what they were hearing when Alexis Normand mangled the words of the national anthem at a hockey game and made up a few of her own. But she kept on going.

INSIDE EDITION'S Paul Boyd spoke to Normand via Skype, asking "Explain for us, what happened?"

"Really, the only thing that happened is, nerves got the best of me," she said.

Normand is Canadian, so she can be forgiven for not knowing the words.

Boyd asked, "Can you try the Star Spangled Banner one more time for us?"

"I would love to, yes," replied Normand.

This time, Normand made it all the way through just fine. If only things had gone so well at the game.